Vocation, relocation, aspiration and faith…

A great deal has happened in my life since I last posted here three years ago.

Since August 2010, I have moved house, changed my daytime employment, gained a new girlfriend (subsequently fiancee and now wife and life partner) and bought a house of my own.

You could say that my viewpoint on the world has changed quite a bit. I’ve gone from being burnt out and depressed, actively (though unenthusiastically) seeking my own self destruction to finding new life in Jesus and beginning all over again.

Recently married, and more recently turned 40 years of age, I find my life settling into a comfortable rhythm where I can learn to be myself again and renew my interests and hobbies. Five years ago, I was actively involved in photography and the local cosplay scene. Ten years ago, I used to draw comics and sketch frequently. Twenty years ago, I would skip classes in college to stay home and compose music (often staying up to four or five AM to work on an idea). I used to write poetry and short stories. I used to blog and journal regularly.

The time has come to start all these activities again.

The difference with the approach I am taking now though, is that rather than trying to squeeze the inspiration into prescribed moulds and follow convention, I would to give inspiration a free reign and let it come forth as it will.

The challenge of rejecting convention is that you will invariably frustrate, irritate or offend people, including those dear to you.

Since I’m contemplating writing on topics more than just music, art and photography – delving into politics, philosophy and theology, I’ve thought it best to move the majority of my musings to this site. Even if you don’t agree with what I write, I hope it will inspire you to think more intently about what you do believe.

Thank you for your time.


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